Friday, February 25, 2011

winter wonderland

Ok so maybe i forgot about how much i love winter sometimes... (winter and i have a love-hate relationship if you can't already tell.) Today was a good winter day because i had a S-N-O-W-D-A-Y!!!! That means it's another three day weekend! Oh yeeeahh!!! Today I went adventurin' with my besties and then i came home early to hang with my wittle brudders

Brendy took this cool pic. He is quite the photographer, i must say. I love it because the tree branches are going in all different directions. I wonder if the trees are embarassed because they are so naked without their leaves.... (that was an insight to one of the manyyyy random/wierd questions i ask myself on a day-to-day basis.)

I scored some pretty tight pics at a park we explored today. Taking pictures is my newest addiction. I'm still workin on improving my photography skills but im signed up to take a photography class next year which i am absolutely stoked about! Anyway... here is a glance at my fun and eventful snowday...

Aww... all of us! We were standing on a bridge and i put the camera on the other side of the ledge with the self-timer on. I was so nervous it would fall over!!! Luckily, watching my cam float down the creek never ended up happening. Thankyou, God.

Yes. This is lauren pretending to charge after me with a GIANT tree branch. Normal.


^ lumberjack boy

I'd say my day was tightly packed with fun adventure and bonding siblinghood. So thankful and very blessed for all my family and friends. They keep my heart warm on cold days like today.

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