Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cut it out

I my room. It is a place that i feel so comfortable in. I have filled the walls with happy memories from some of my favorite past times. Even though my room is usually very messy, i still love being in it because it is a place that reflects where i've been, the dreams i have, and the people i love to spend time with. I will admit that everytime my mother forces me to clean my room, the discovery of my floor surprises me everytime. Somehow, my clothes just cant seem to figure out how to hang themselves up. (My floor has a strong magnetic force that sucks clothes/other things down like a supermassive black hole.... that is my excuse, anyway. Hehe.)

Me studying on my dreamy bed in my spankin' clean room. I guarantee you it does not look like this right at the moment. :O

I hung photos of me n my fave peeps on my wall to look like the shape of a heart.

In addition to the many pics i've taken, i have my art on the walls, too. I enjoy collaging with all my heart. It is so fun. I could seriously collage all day long and not even know where the time went. Rainy days are my favorite time to collage because i like to find a cozy spot (usually my bed or the couch) and just relax while i am busy cutting out inspiring words, phrases, and pics out of magazines.

This is my bottom dresser drawer that i store my stash of magazines in. Lucky me... my aunt brings home the hospital labor and delivery waiting room (where she works) leftovers and gives them to me! ♥ I've also scored STACKS of mags from

Wish i was collaging right now but its time to hit the books. Loads of homework ahead of me tonight. Blah.


  1. Dear Kate,
    You illuminate my world. I know you will find a special place for yourself in this crazy world of ours and make it a better place for all those lucky people who come to know you. Love your blog and love you.

    Paw Paw

  2. Aw PAW PAW! Thankyou so much! I love you!!!! ♥