Monday, February 21, 2011

we've got sunshine on a rainy day

It was a pretty yucky weather day... non-stop rain plus it was F-F-F-F-FREEEZING out.... but, hey, i'm not complaining because indy has had some beautiful weather the previous few days.  Today was presidents day and i had the day off school so my friends and i decided to hang out and have some fun to celebrate our founding fathers (but mostly to celebrate the no school part). Hehehe. Somehow i feel like we had a pretty sunny day though! Lots of laughter and good memories.

(this picture pretty much sums up our friendship)

We are a pretty goofy crew and we can ALWAYS find something funny out of a sitch (abbreviation for situation). That's another thing... we shorten our words. Like for example, "I should probs start doin my math homework that i've totes put off this whole 3-day weekend." Our abbreviated dialect has become a habit but it just adds to our quirkyness i guess.

On sunday night, my friends and i went to steak n shake, our usual hangout. And we lost track of time.... i think we ended up staying there for almost 4 hours? But it was nice. We made friends with our waiter who even remembered us from the last time we were there (which was only a few days before that.) Obviously, steak n shake isn't fancy and its not gormet, but its cozy and fun. I am guilty of spending all my my money on food. Ha. But brendan and i took a silly pic. It looks like we are actually trapped in the machine!

My friends are wonderful. Like seriously, i don't know what i would do without them! I love hanging out with them because we always get along and we bring the happiness out of each other. My best friends and i even go back to elementary school.

Meet Lauren. I admire her kindness. Seriously, this girl doesn't have a mean bone in her body! We will be best friends forevs. I can picture the two of us as old ladies meeting together to have tea and talking about the fun adventures we had as kids.

Brendan. Brendy. Brend-0. Bren. He is the funniest person i know and his humor is effortless. I don't even kow how to explain it. He brings the adventure to my life! If it weren't for my awesome friend, Brendy, then i don't think my life would be as fun.

"This rat hurr be me n ma gur, jewleeuh!!!" In case you didn't understand that jibberish... Julia is my girl. I love her to death. We've got eachother's backs. Also, she has had lots of influence in my inspirations to make this blog!! She has good comedic timing.... I can see her on SNL someday... that's how funny she is. I'm gonna have to get her autograph before she gets too famous!

Car-Car (AKA Carly). She is awesome. She keeps all of us together. Her humor is hilarious. Her and I find ourselves laughing over nothing a lot. I love her because of her strength to overcome anything. She is the final puzzle piece to all of us. She is a genuine friend who is always there for me.

Without these four incredibly amazing friends, my life would be incomplete. They have helped shape my personality. I love you guys. Friends are the family we choose. And i would say i've picked a good family of friends. I know this kind of friendship lasts a lifetime.

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