Thursday, February 24, 2011

sweet summertime

Today in class (as i froze my butt off) i started daydreamin about summer..........AHHH. It really can't come fast enough. But when it does get here, i will def be welcoming it with open arms. That's for suuuuure.

Summer 2010 was very good to me. Here are some of my fave summa mems that i've been thinkin about....

Spending 4th of July with my sweet family. (my mommy was takin the pic)

Ahh sunkissed.

Santana concert with Julia & Brendan!

All smiles with lo. (Those would be my sweeeet shades)

 An adventurous day with my italy crew.

Bein silly with my friend, Tara.

We rented a 6-seater bike! Def gonna be on the to-do list again for this upcoming summer.


Justin Bieber concert with my cousins! Oooh baby baby.

So basically...................
I miss my tan and my crazy freckles ♥ I miss playing night games outside ♥ I miss fresh watermelon ♥ I miss wearing flip flops ♥ I miss the sunshine beating on my back ♥ I miss sleeping in everyday ♥ I miss everything in full bloom ♥ I miss swimming in my pool ♥ I miss my red sunglasses ♥ I miss wearing shorts ♥ I miss camping out with friends in my backyard ♥ I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT SUMMER♥

Summer = love

Sadly, this blog post has to end somewhere. But looking through old summer pics has been quite good therapy... hopefully it will last me through the end of winter. Only 91 days until summer break officially starts for me! Bring on the heat! ...Too bad we are expected to get around 6-9 inches of snow throughout the night where i live. Buzzkill.

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