Saturday, October 22, 2011

you may say i'm a dreamer

with so much going on, i've managed to get my college aps accomplished for the most part! it was not easy balancing studying for tests and doing homework for the next day while trying to apply to college (which seems so far away), but i did it!!
anyhoo... the essays i've written have me thinking about my future and my dreams. my dreams are pretty outlandish but my heart just knows. maybe i'm already living in my dreams right now. who knows. all i know is lately i've been daydreaming.  my head has been in the clouds. the clouds of my dreams.

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what could i do that would make a name for myself? ...a name that even the people in italy would hear of. but dreams dont even have to start out to be so extravagant. i could have a million little dreams. what is a dream even? i think it is just a snipit of your future. don't ignore your dreams, but instead, believe in the beauty of your dreams, even if they seems impossible. nothing is impossible unless you say it is.

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i know some people who are afraid to dream or who are afraid of their future. who have also given up a lot of hope. i think it's just straight up stupid. and it makes me sad when people doubt themselves. seriously, just stop. there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. really, all it takes is for one to believe in oneself and with true perserverance and passion, they can do anything. seriously, dreams come true everyday. what day is gonna be the day your dreams come true? in a year? when you're "older"? you don't know? for me, my dreams start today. and so could yours. dont let others getcha down.

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remember this: the two most important days of your life are when you are born and when you find out why. rember that.

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