Monday, October 10, 2011

always me

lately, people in my life have been changing and it's been a little different. i dont really know if its good change or bad change but life isnt stopping so i'm just gonna keep on being me. i'm not gonna let others determine who i am. i really think its important to surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and who support you all the way there.

i've been thinking about the people who are in my life at this very moment. are they all here for a good purpose? do they make me happy? do they distract me? do they ask me how i'm doing? do they even really care about me? or am i just that one friend who is always there for them only when they need me? yeah, i dont really know the answers to all those questions but i think i have an idea.

it's whateva, i guess. even if a friend changes a little, it doesn't mean you cant be friends with eachother at all anymore. just maybe not as much friends. high school is a crazy journey and its just the beginning of our life stories. we are just starting to create our wrinkles and scars. friends will come and go. i'm okay with that because those who matter will never leave.

everything was always meant to be.

while some people change to try to find who they are, i'm just gonna keep on being me. i'm not saying i'm never going to change because everyone changes. but what i am trying to say is... dont change just to be accepted by people who you barely know. dont change to be "cool." dont change your life based on the decisions of others. be you. be true to you. 

yup. i'm kate joy mcd. and i'll always be true.

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  1. Are you sure you're only in high school?? You are wise beyond your years! Stay true to yourself, because you are fabulous just the way you are :)