Saturday, October 15, 2011


so my mom took me n lauren and brendan on a lil senior pic photoshoot today.

disclaimer: being serious is something us 3 friends cannot usually handle so that is why most of these pics are goofy-fied.

i mustache you a question.....

real laughter. lol.

my breathtaking, stunning, beautiful, illuminating best friend, lauren. aka my sissy from anotha missy.

aw my very handsome, funny, illuminating best friend, brendan. aka brother from anotha mother.

^that girl would be yours truly, me, illuminating kate.

haha idk just a random


hahaha not to brag... but we are rediculously funny.

when you look at those 3 good lookin people, i dont know what comes first to your mind... but i think they look like friends forevz.

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