Tuesday, January 3, 2012

well looky here

omg isn't it so crazy!! haha so cray cray. Oh goodness, welcome to my world of crazy lingo. (or should i say cray lingo) My life has been pretty cray the past six months especially. And i have so me exciting news! After that last blog post, i ironically got some mail the next day. Hmmm...

omg CRAY!!!!!

woohoo! so far, ive been accepted into IUPUI, Indiana University, and Ball State University. Just waiting on one more. (they're saving the best for last)

God heard me prayin hard cuz i got a double whammy in the mail. i wasn't supposed to hear back from IU or Ball State but guess what! I got my acceptance letters from both in the mail on the same day! cray.

feeling very blessed and happy going into this last and final semester of school. i calculated it all up.... this is my 26th semester of school since kindergarten. #26 out of 26. i've come a long way. time to finish up strong. it's gonna be a great semester. on to day 2 tomorrow.

stay positive!!!!!!

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  1. im waiting to see if ive been accepted, im so very nervous :/ lol how long after you applied did you hear anything back?? email me?