Friday, December 30, 2011

you've got a lot goin' for ya

before i get started, i'd like to say that i am so completely relaxed this winter break that i don't know what will get me to go back to school..... oh wait, i think i know.........

every day is a day closer to many wonderful happenings in my near future: spring break to Disney, my birthday, graduation, and ITALY. Yes, i said the "i" word. I'm going to Italy. No really, i don't know if you heard me.... I'M GOING TO ITALY.... THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, ITALY!! Oh, and i'm also going to college. (lol, can't forget that one.)

Only one semester to go before my life changes in so many ways. It's really bittersweet though. Im super duper excited and happy, yet at the same time, i remember when i was just a little kid playing with my beloved American girl dolls. I dont really wanna grow up already. I'm gonna be 18 in a few months... like when the hell did that happen? Man, these happy 17 years sure have gone fast. I have a vivid memory of being in the 4th grade and we got track and field shirts with my class' graduating year on the back: 2012... back then it seemed like the space age. Yeah, well 2012 is gonna be here in 24 hours. haha.

Seeing time fly by so fast is why i'm gonna take a deep breath and just soak in every detail while things are the way they are right now.... before they get all weird when i go away from college. I know i'll come back to visit for breaks, but it just won't ever be EXACTLY the same. The thought of my family of 5 turning into a family of 4 at our dinner table next year makes me kinda sad. Sometimes being the oldest child kinda sucks. (Oh, but it does have sooooo many perks!) So let's make it an awesome 2nd semester of my senior year!!! And let's make it better than 1st semester!!!

So far this year, i've been bombarded with such crazy stress, i really dont know how i am staying sane. ha. Seriously though... college this, college that, college essays, college apps, college, college, college. If i hear that word in a stressful manner one more time...... haha let's just say by the time i finally get there, i will be MORE THAN READY TO PARTY!!!! (oh.....hey mom reading this!) Lolz. Im gonna embrace college life in the best way possible. Cant wait to meet new friends and really launch my artistic abilities.

Oh, yeah, the only MAJOR thing about this whole college topic making it kind of awkward right now is the fact that yeah, haha, i have no idea where i'm gonna end up yet! I'm still on that "getting into college" journey right now. So far, it's been a bumpy bumpy ride. But i'm trying to stay positive.

After finding out that i have been wait-listed at my top 3 school choices, it's been more of a faithful journey for me. I've gotten myself this far by working hard in school and staying out of trouble so now it's up to God from here. I've been praying that He will bring me to the right place and of course, i completely trust in His plan for me. It's very comforting to know i'm in good company.

2012 not only is my graduating year, but it is the year my dreams are literally coming true. Not many people can say they are looking forward to a trip to Disney World/Orlando Studios and Italy this upcoming year! I can say it though :o) hehehe.

I can tell it's going to be a magical year for me. A year of growth and happiness. And i am ready to embrace every part of my story to come. I totally cannot wait to meet 2012. She seems like a pretty cool year to me.

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  1. there will always be a place for you at our table of 5. we are so proud of you. we love you! Love, Mommy