Sunday, January 8, 2012

keep chasing the light

don't lose it all in the blur of the stars
seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing
it's okay not to be okay
sometimes it's hard to follow your heart
tears don't mean you're losing
everybody's bruising
just be true to who you are
          -JESSIE J

^i love jessie j! she's so inspirational. i always love a good jessie j sesh with my iPod. good times. but really, just like she said.... just be true to who you are. we're all on a different journey through life but we can only truly enjoy it if we can each individually be true to who we are.

eh. times are kinda not really goin the greatest right now.... i feel like they should be! its second semester senior year! but whatevs. im going into this week with a really positive attitude. nothing is gonna get me down. that is my goal.

i've been getting all in a tizzy over DUMB SHIT. (excuse my french) haha but seriously i need to stop. i just need to worry bout me and only me. so i'm just gonna try to be a happier person to be around! and that can only happen if i let the sun shine through my heart. just be true to me and thats my word.

i should be more grateful for everything i have! seriously, hello, katelyn!!!! you just got accepted into college! some people would kill for the colleges i just got accepted to. that is such an accomplishment for me and i need to be more graceful with God's awesome presence in my life. everything that's falling apart or coming together is exactly meant to happen in God's perfect plan for me.

i really needed to hear this
i need to be more forgiving. less spiteful. more grateful. i've especially learned a lot of lessons this year. but one of the biggest lessons was to not compare myself. comparing only drives jealousy and bad things. there's no good in focusing on things that are out of your control. i've realized that social networks are the central hubb of showing off. yeah, i had to stear clear of facebook for a while during my "i dont know if i'll ever get into college" phase.  and to all my twitter followers, im sick of all your negative shit!!!!! my biggest pet peeve is when someone tweets early in the morning, "this is going to be the worst day ever." UM. HELLO? IT'S ONLY GONNA BE A BAD DAY IF YOU SAY IT IS.

so in conclusion, to anyone reading this that may be a peer of mine: don't worry about what college 'that person' got into or "omg i cant believe 'so & so" got into that college... why didn't i?" LET IT GO. let it be. focus on the HAPPY. get all that negativity out of you!!!!! you are enough. OH! and one more thing: if ever you are scared, pray. Pray it out. God listens, and he understands what you are trying to say, even when you don't know how to say it. He's ALWAYS there to listen to you, even if it is just to thank Him.

i have a lot going for me and i believe in me because i am true to me. i believed in the beauty of my dreams and that is why i'm going to italy in six short months. keep chasing the light and you'll get exactly where you want to be.

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