Monday, February 20, 2012

happy blogiversary to illuminating kate

so even though i do realize i haven't been the best blogger this year, my friends are so sweet... they remembered my blogiversary! it's been exactly 1 year since i officially started being Illuminating Kate.

Its been a year of blessings. I have searched and found the college meant to be for me, i've grown as an artist, i've found more about myself and most importantly, i have come closer to God! I am proud to say it's been an amazing year since last President's day and the first day i entered the blogging world.

so i just got back from the most amazing church retreat and i am feeling so refreshed! (spiritually and physically since i slept for the most of my day today now that i am home).

today, as i was being a couch potato, i got a call around 3 from Brendan asking if i wanted to do a photoshoot for our photography class with him. so of course i was on board! but little did i know the surprise waiting for me....

we met at a park near our houses and when i got there he had invited our other best friend, lauren, to celebrate my blogiversary! i can't believe i had completely forgotten!

they are my number one fans and my number one friends. love them so much. afterall, they bring the adventure to this blog and to my life.

they made the most delicious cupcakes. seriously, they were so yum and the cupcakes spelled out "illuminating kate" awwwwww how special.... and the for icing on the cake (no pun intended), brendan used cursive lettering for spelling out the words. he said he looked back at my blog and tried to make the lettering JUST like the lettering of my blog banner....he knows illuminating kate so well!!

today made me realize how blessed i am to have these two people in my life. Brendan and Lauren are friends that will last a lifetime. the trials we've faced and the journeys we go through together are amazing. i'll always love these two. 

we were talking about our futures today.... that even though college is just around the corner, and no matter where we end up going, we all share the same thing: our home. Carmel, Indiana is where i met my best friends. carmel, indiana is where fate happened. it was fate to meet these freaking awesome people.

even when we're forty and have families, the memories we have made and the friendships we have planted here will always remain in this special town. my heart knows we will still be just as good friends.

yes, i look forward to making new friends and starting new beginnings in college, but because of these two people and because of my family, coming back home for breaks will be that much more special ♥

today was a happy day and a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. i couldn't ask for more.

have a great week..... live it with bright color! (whatever that means, i can just imagine my art teacher saying something like that)

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