Tuesday, November 8, 2011

angel rays

just thinking lately about how many angels i have that are watching over me and keeping me safe. whenever i feel scared or stressed or mad or happy or sad or confused..... i know i will be okay because i have my guardian angels. i believe i have already met some of my guardian angels. my nana and poppop and mimi and jae. i miss them terribly. especially my poppop. i cant believe its been almost a year.

i also have angels watching over me who i havent met yet but they know who i am. i never met a bunch of my great grandparents but they look so sweet in pictures. they are watching over me too.

but whenever i get sad about missing the ones who i have loved and lost, i just have to think about how i had lunch with them earlier or how they guided me to school or helped me take my test. they're always with me. even though they are in heaven and i am on earth doesnt mean anything.

the other day i found this on pinterest

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so true. seriously though, it got me thinking... the concept of time is SO WEIRD. there really is no such thing as "time." We are living in the same time as 100 years ago... it just looks different. The time i've spent away from my passed loved ones is no time at all. It seems like just yesterday they were here. I'll see 'em later with God though.

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