Thursday, July 14, 2011

ello again

so i've made myself a pinky promise to blog more. summer is here and i have no more excuses for being lazy. alot has happened since i've blogged in april. So far this summer has kicked ass. It has been a very magical summer.... and no, i'm not talking about Harry Potter magic even though i'm bringing my wand for the premier tonight!
First off, Im lovinggggggg my nanny job for 2 awesome kids 3 days a week ♥ $

I also went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. i love family vacations.

I'm pretty sure I've seen every movie in theatres. I am finally old enough to see rated R but i've only been asked to see my ID once... kinda bummed, not gonna lie. I have kept all my movie tickets because i want to make something out of them.

I learned how to fishtail braid my hair!!

I got my cartilage pierced ♥

i've camped out in my backyard alot.
I got feathers in ma hurr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im tryin to be a little hipsta like my friend brendan.

Brendan is so hip.

I've caught up on all my sleep.  ZZzzzZZZZzzZzZzzzzzzzzz.

I've tweeted ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTT #addicted

I visited my cousins in Georgia. I still can't believe they are so far away now. Still feels like they are just on a long vacation.

I've hung out with my friends everyday. Lolz luv them tew pieces... we always find something random to do like oh, wear wigs while driving around town.... hehehe

Or we just take pics on the couch and be weird

Luv my gurls

I got my new car!! Thanks to my nimi ♥ I miss her alot too.

Proud new owner of a '94 suburban. Dont call it old cuz im the same age #beSensitive

Oh and I havent cracked a single book and it feels so goooooood!!!!! (even though i need to start studying for the SAT and ACT... oops sorry mommy)

But you know what i havent done enough of? I HAVENT MADE VERY MUCH ART... WHAT? Dont worry. Its all about to change. I have one month left and its gonna be full of art and creativity.

Yesterday i dedicated some time in the studio. I felt inspired by one of my favorite quotes in a painting that i found on my favorite website, Pinterest. I have blogged about it previously. I just love the meaning behind it. It makes me happy and so i decided to make my own version for my room!
(my version on a canvas)

AHhhhh im just in love with that quote!!!! Anyhooo.... today i was inspired again! Except i was inspired by one of my collages that i made a while ago. It is watercolor and very dreamy. I think i shall make an etsy account.... do i see prints of this in the near future? Of course i do. My mom cried when i showed her this. Love her. And this.

Bloody ell!! its time to go get my outfit ready for arry potta! but maybe i shall eat a buttabeer cupcake that i made the otha day first. talk to you lata my loves. toodles.

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