Thursday, April 21, 2011

life is great

Holy moly....

I've been missing in action on here for way too long!!! Where even to begin? Junior year is in FULL throttle and i seem to be suffering from a case of "junioritis." Hehe. Really, i need a good dose of motivation.... good thing i only have about 6 more weeks until i can enjoy a much-needed break off for the summer!!!!!!!

Anyway, i shouldn't be complaining because i just had the most wonderful spring break EVA. It was my favorite spring break by far. I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend, brendan's, family to go to Washington D.C. Our friend, Julia, came too and the three of us had such a fabulous time hanging with tha prez. (Shout-out to collin: we were all cheezin tha whole time)

We visited the mall which included the washington and lincoln monuments at night, and it was so cool. It wasn't too crowded so we were able to just roam around for a while. (Funny fact: when brendan said we were going to take the metro to the "mall" i literally thought he was talking about a shopping mall........ embarassing right? ......haha gosh i really have those moments too often)

Abe is my fave of all time. I never realized how huge he is! It was so surreal to be standin next to him... hehe. What a nice fella. (For some reason, i developed an obsession for abe a few years ago.)

A neat sign that i saw while scurrying to make it on our metro! DC love... its so true ♥

Aww (if you can tell, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom behind us! Incredibly beautiful)

I am in love with this picture of julia........ the hills are alive with the sound of music... This was taken in Monticello at some stop during our roadtrip to DC. We went on a tour of Thomas Jefferson's house!

Checkout that badass! Don't mess with the FBI...

This trip was seriously perfect. We were so crazy that strangers probably thought we had problems, ate a lot of yummy DC food, ran into some unforgettable situations and laughed so hard that we cried. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends. This was also the longest i've been from home without my family! It was kind of taste of what it will feel like being away for so long in college, except not even close... haha :/

 I will cherish the memories we made on Spring Break 2011 forever... this is just the beginning and i am totally embracing the future


  1. I AM GOING TO REMEMBER THIS TRIP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Such good memories! I can't wait to make some new memories when you guys come visit me in D.C. next year :D

  2. me too!! it will be amazing!!!!!!! lots of good memories in our past.....and many more to come :)