Saturday, July 16, 2011

totes AWK

couldnt help but giggle from some funny/awkward pics i have found on my computer. you know... those pictures that were taken but never uploaded on facebook because they were too embarassing... or too weird. well here ya go.

welcome to my awkward life!!!

let's just pose by the pickles...

what was i thinking? cubed ham?

ya goofball

you gotta lil somethin-somethin on your face... but i probably didnt tell you at the time. hehe

oh ya know... just lauren awkwardly giving a nanoo-nanoo sign in front of a building. nothin new.

uhh..... dont even ask why i was posing with a bag of chapstick. probably just procrastinating my homework at the time. oh the things i find myself doing instead of homework.

did i mention how hot i am? just kidding. i was scaring the people at panera.

why did i feel it was necessary to take this picture?

mmmm calcium makes ya strong

hello julia's face

here kids, want some candy?

aw c'mon.... i got the good candy!!!!!

look at how awkward our stance is

ok last one... even though i could go on forever.

i love my life because i'm so glad that i can laugh all the time.

laughter heals the soul.

 and it is contagious.

and it is free.

what could be better than to live a lifetime in laughter?

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  1. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH there is never a dull moment in our lives!!