Friday, March 11, 2011

mi familia

i love my family. they are the ones who have always been with me and will keep being with me. my parents are my biggest fans and they have always taught me to be true to myself. even in my teenage years as i have discovered a new part of my life, i always love to be with my family. they are my best friends, too.

my family probably seems crazy to others but we seem perfectly normal to me.

Aww... this is me and my mommy love. (I'm way taller than her! Hehe.) She is thee best mama in the world!!! We have a very good relationship. We're best friends. Her genuine kindness spreads like wildfire. She is an artist too!! She inspired me to make a blog and she brings out the creativity in me. Plus, she is a pretty cool mom... not gonna lie.

I'm a daddy's girl too♥ I have an amazing dad!!!!!! We have very similar personalities and i look the most like him. We even won a look-alike contest in the newspaper when i was a baby! He is incredibly smart and i look up to him as my hero for many reasons. I'm so blessed to have him as my da-da-daddy-o.

I am lucky enough to have two baby brothers. They are so awesome and we have a lot of fun times together (even if someone ends up getting hurt ...or mad.) Haha. Gotta love sibling love! I've always been their big sis and up till recently i've been able to kick their butts but um.... Riley... yeah ever since he started playing football... i havent ever messed with him. Griffin is pretty strong, too! It's comforting to know that they will always protect me though!

My wittle bebe bwudders♥

We know the embarassing stuff about eachother and we keep eachother strong ♥ We annoy eachother but know our friendship will never end. Love these boys so much.

 Always my Ri Ri and Griff.

"Families are like chocolate, sweet with a few nuts." Yep, me n my bros... we are the nutty ones of the fam. But i wouldnt change it one bit(e)! Hehe. Basically, my family is my strength and i am so blessed and thankful for them every single day!!!!!!
I would not be who i am without these very special people.

Oh, and this is random but i made a piece of art while i was home from school today. Just some words i was inspired by.... actually, its not random at all because my family has taught me how to be and do all of these things.


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  1. you are such a gift. we are so proud of you and love you so much. thank you, baby girl.
    Love, Mommy