Sunday, March 6, 2011

the plan for me


Yesterday lauren, brendan, and i went to the movie theatre since it was a rainy-yucky-blahhh-day in "bipolar weather" indiana. We had made some fun plans to go on more of an adventure about 40 minutes away but we decided not to go because the weather was so crummy. At least we have something to look forward to on a more sunny day though!

Anyway... the movie that we saw was "The Adjustment Bureau." The movie itself was pretty good but the messege it sent to me was much more powerful. It got me thinking pretty deep! The main story line was about a hard-working politician running for president who falls in love with a beautiful woman, an average citizen. However, he comes in contact with the people of the adjustment bureau. They have the power to control when and how things happen in his life (and every other person's, too) They make sure his "plan of life" goes as intended. He comes to find that the bureau thinks it is not part of his plan to fall in love with this woman but he believes in his fate differently. Through his fight to keep in contact with the love of his life, he somehow changes his life plan by dodging the adjustments the bureau tries to place to keep his love away from him. As his love grows more for her, his life starts changing paths to be closer to her.

The whole movie was eye-opening for me. It taught me to never lose hope and always fight for your dreams and for your love. Don't ever ever ever settle for less than your best. Also, trust in the Lord with all of your heart, because He is the only one who knows what is best for you. 

I believe that every single thing that happens in my life is part of God's plan, not the adjustment bureau's plan! That is a lot to think about but it is so amazing, too! Its chilling to me to think about every person that has made an impact on my life. There is a reason for every annoying stop-light that pisses me off. There is a reason for being late (which i am most of the time.) There is a reason for waking up at a different time each morning because even a small difference of one minute could alter your path for the whole day. There is a reason for being at a certain place at a specific date and time. It is all God's fate. It is fate that my parents fell in love. It is fate that my ancestors immigrated to America many many years ago. It was my fate to meet my friends. IT IS ALL FATE!!! There is no irony at all. Only fate. My guardian angels protect me everywhere and they know what my plan is. I trust in God and in my angels because they keep me safe and they bring me to the places and people that i love the most.

It is also comforting to know that every mistake leads to a better thing. I do not believe in mistakes. It only helps you become more of you. The imperfections of life adds to our individualness. If we make the decison to put the question of "mistakes" out of our head, then we will live life with no regret. Its all in the way you want to make your life to be about. I've decided to live freely and accept everything for who i am!

The idea that my life alters just a little bit every time i make a decision is so crazy!!!!!!! It is not scary because i believe everything happens for a reason, but it is definitely thought provoking. Especially with all the change in my life right now.... change that i dont even really notice most of the time. Change in school. Change in my family. Change in my social life. Change in my hobbies. Change in the world.... change everywhere.

For some reason, God's plan for me yesterday was to keep me close to home. I do not know why He had to make it rain but i'm grateful for whatever the reason was. That is why i do not question His greatness. He kept me safe and He brought me to see this awesome movie. Not to mention, i had so much fun with my friends. I love them.

After the movie, we went on a photoshoot and had fun with some umbrellas in the rain. I always seem to be with brendan and lauren. Doesnt that mean their guardian angels and my guardian angels are friends with eachother too? God knows we keep eachother strong and we bring the goodness out of eachother. There is no doubt in my mind that God brought us together because he knew we NEEDED eachother.

"Best friends are the siblings God chose not to give us" -Unknown

They will be in my life forever... even in heaven. It was always meant to be.

I even named my sweet doggy "KISMET" because kismet means fate. It was fate for her to be my pupper love. Aww, kizzy... she's smiling at me ♥ (She is one of my best friends, too)

I cant believe i only have about a year and a half left here at home until i leave for college. Like seriously, where has all the time gone????? But the one GRAND decision of deciding where to go for college is still in the air. I want to go to a college that will make me happy. I want to meet the love of my life in college and i cant wait to explore a new chapter of my life.

God already knows where i am going to college and He knows who i am going to fall in love with. It all in His GRAND MASTER PLAN. Im so excited to be the main character in his story he has written for me. I love my story and i cant wait to learn more about me, every page of the way...

 Laura Gorder

And let fate take care of the rest.....

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